We are very excited to share our updated site with you and our vision is it can deliver more value for your A to Z product design and development process.

A few things we wanted to share:

  1. The Blog.  Yes we’ll be doing a monthly blog with design tips and ideas and Stephen will be starting up his innovation series once again.  Stay tuned to our updated posts and if you haven’t read the first three parts of Stephen’s series you can do so HERE.
  2. Our process.  Are you curious what it is like to work with a product design company and what an end to end process can be like when designing a product?  We have you covered, check out our process page HERE and if you have further questions we’d be happy to chat in more detail.  Email info@PlusD2.com and we’ll set up a time to talk.
  3. Our work.  Curious about what we have done and what our scope of expertise is?  You can check out our work page to understand more about us and where we come from.  With multiple decades of design experience on the team we have been in this space for some time but it doesn’t mean we stop innovating.  In fact innovation is what we pride ourselves on.
  4. CES.  We went to CES in January and we’ll be back with another post on our CES adventures soon.  We are excited to share with you!

Do you have any questions about our new website?  Please let us know or comment below.

We look forward to continuing our relationship together.

The Art of Creation. The Science of Imagination.
Adam and the PlusD2 Team.