We attended CES this year and here are our top 3 Takeaways from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show:

1. The energy is real. If you are a fan of innovation and seeing young entrepreneurs and designers put their best foot forward at center stage it’s a great place to be. Eureka Park was a true delight to see what the globe is working on and how they are attempting to change the world.

2. Car design drives all design. We have always believed that and it was on display at the show. The concept cars and design work being done at the auto manufacturers is nothing short of inspiring.

3. What industries will grow in 2018 and which will fade away? There are some very crowded sectors right now that aren’t innovating at the rate that some might have expected (Drones, SmartHome Devices, Fitness Trackers.) It is hard to envision all of the players in the industry staying in it unless large breakthroughs happen and the consumer responds.

Did you attend CES? What are your thoughts on key takeaways or learnings? Leave your comments below.

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