We know it seems silly.  Aren’t all things supposed to be done for the future?
Yes. And design is no exception.  However, there is design being created for the past and for the present.
At PlusD2 we work toward insight innovation or we believe there isn’t a point to creating something new.  We take our clients and projects through a series of research, protocols, and a strategic process to ensure that the path they are about to go down makes sense for both them, and the world, and is truly designing towards the future.

What does this process look like?
Well check out our process page HERE but here are some highlights.

  1. It passes all patent searches and market data points to a gap and opportunity for it before any design work begins.  This is a step we see skipped and costs individuals and companies thousands of dollars.
  2. The point and the reason. We have to see the vision and the dream and make sure we can design something that enables others to feel and see that vision and dream.
  3. Ergonomic and user-friendly.  If a product isn’t in this day and age it won’t stand a chance to win.
  4. A to Z review.  We go through, especially with individuals and startups unaware of potential costs and workload, the entire A to Z process of what will be happening from the start until the point where they are undergoing the work it takes to bring to market.

The future is always uncertain, which makes our industry so much fun yet also so difficult.  We can’t see into a crystal ball for what design will be in the future but we certainly take every factor we can into play from our decades of experience in the industry and all of the real-time data we can utilize prior to any project.

Regardless of whether you work with us or not, we recommend you do the same.

PlusD2 is an Innovative Product Development Company based out of Chicago and Columbus.  Our motto – The Art of Creation and the Science of Imagination.

If you’d like to speak to us about a product development project we’d love to hear from you.  Email our team at info@PlusD2.com.

What is your take on both innovation and its future within the design industry? 

Do you have any interesting ways you try to predict the future of design? Leave your comments below.